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HelpAlliance – Employees lend a helping hand

Members of HelpAlliance including patroness Bettina Lauer (rightmost)


About Us

“Employees lend a helping hand” – this was both the catalyst and motto of HelpAlliance. Founded in 1999 by 13 Lufthansa employees, today our charity organisation unites nearly 40 aid initiatives around the world under one umbrella. Employees of the Lufthansa Group and Condor voluntarily take on the responsibility for each project in collaboration with local partners who have extensive experience in cooperative development. Our aid initiatives are financed solely by your donations. These donations are given to those who lack even the most basic necessities. Children are a particular target group, and through school and education projects, we build them a bridge to a better future.

HelpAlliance e.V. is politically and denominationally independent, and therefore is especially recognised as being worthy of support. Our work benefits from anchoring with the Lufthansa Group: be it the supplying of infrastructure and personnel, the collecting of onboard donations or the local support and knowledge of Lufthansa’s worldwide network of employees – the partnership between company and organisation enables those affected to benefit directly from effective assistance. Above all, the support from Lufthansa enables us to keep administrative costs low so your donations are targeted where they are needed most!

General Principles

When allocating funding, we adhere to the objectives of our organisation for cooperative development: a project shall be framed in such a way that it provides sustainable help to empower individuals to help themselves and generates a measurable added value to those affected. Collaborating with experienced local partners is an important prerequisite for our projects. Reporting obligations and regular visits by the project supervisor serve to control and monitor the proper use of funds. The amount of approved funding depends on the documented need and the available donations.

Communication and Support

Every year in autumn, we release our Annual Report(2 MB) which clearly states how donated funds were utilised. We also provide current information about the projects online, for example on our blog and on Facebook. Every two months or so, our so-called Friends of HelpAlliance information sessions take place. A summary of the meeting minutes is included in our regularly published newsletter. Upon interest please send us a short email to helpalliance@dlh.de and we gladly will add you to our mailing list.

Our sponsoring members give HelpAlliance its ability to plan long term. They support our work with a regular contribution of at least 24 Euros per year. The number of “Friends of HelpAlliance” is also steadily increasing; these are individuals who we use as volunteers and ambassadors for our aid organisation.

Become a supporting member of HelpAllianceland help us help others. Thank you!