Help us help others

Our employee association is a unique concept that serves as a strong and solid foundation for our work. But above all, we also need your support to be able to continue to build this foundation.

Whether for a long-term project or a short-term commitment in the aftermath of a catastrophe, the employees of the Lufthansa Group and Condor voluntarily take on the responsibility to ensure donations are used correctly because they know the situation on-site and carefully guide the measures taking place at each project. We make certain that your money gets to where it is needed and with an administrative fee of only 6.5% we are well below the average!

One of our most important sources of donations is the On-Board Collection, “Small Change – it’s a big help.” This comprises combined foreign currencies donated onboard long-haul flights from Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Condor. Since the beginning of the On-Board Collection in May 2001, small individual contributions have totalled more than €2.5million, which we have been able to pass on to the people who need it most in our humanitarian projects around the world.

 To all the passengers who have supported the HelpAlliance projects in this way, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

However, to ensure lasting financial protection for our projects, we are primarily dependent on continuous long-term donations. These are fulfilled mainly by our supporting members. Become a part of our community by simply saying: Yes, i want to help!

We look forward to your support – whether long or short term, we bring your donations where they are needed!

There are many ways to support us – click here to find out more