Further relief actions completed in Pakistan

HelpAlliance has provided for first immediate measures where help was needed most. After securing the water supply by means of water treatment tablets, HelpAlliance in cooperation with the Maltese emergency service and committed Lufthansa Cargo employees on site carried out other supporting measures. Thus Family Non-Food Sets were handed over to 100 fugitive families in Kohistan, in the northwest of Pakistan. Each of these sets supplies a family of eight with hygiene articles and consumer goods.

In cooperation with a local relief organisation and the German Consulate General HelpAlliance is preparing to help threatened Pakistani in the south of the country. In the region of Sindh new camps were built for the refugees from flood-threatened areas directly near the river Indus. The acquisition of 200 tents will help to protect families from heat and monsoon rain. In cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo more water purification tablets could be flown to Lahore. The tablets were donated to HelpAlliance by the german relief organisation IWAO.

People in Pakistan need help – your help !

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