Lufthansa donates to HelpAlliance Projects


Starting December 12, 2012 through January 31, 2013 Lufthansa will donate one sheet of paper per online respectively mobile check-in for exercise books in educational projects of HelpAlliance. A lot of sheets make a lot of exercise books. The more passengers participate in this campaign the more exercise books can be produced and the more children can be supported.

These exercise books will finally be purchased from local companies which will encourage the local economy, save transport and storing costs and last but not least reduce the CO2 emission. With this campaign supported projects around the globe will be helped. Thus we can pave the way for better education of children from Peru via Africa toSri Lanka.           



 …as for example in our project Kinder Paradise in Accra/Ghana. There approximately 130 orphans and street children are cared for at school. Some of them live in the project and “learn for a better life” – which is exactly the motto of this project. And you can contribute to this mission by quite simply checking in online.




The pupils receiving private tuition in the Prana Project in Pondicherry, India, hope for a better life, too: They are part of the outcast of society, since their families are part of the lowest stage in the Indian caste system.





For more information and if you want to help:



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