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Kaloleni, Kilifi and Majengo - Kenia

The bush hospital near Mombasa provides medical care for about 400,000 local people. We are helping to fund the necessary renovation work and also supporting a school near the hospital. Today, however, the aid programme in this isolated province of Kenya encompasses much more.

St. Luke’s bush hospital in Kaloleni about 50 km north-west of Mombasa has been operating more or less independently for about two years now. It provides basic medical care for the 400,000 residents of the region. Initially it was the project’s only “construction site”. In the meantime, however, one of the beneficiaries is the aptly named “House of Hope” school in Mtwapa about 20 km north of Mombasa which provides schooling for 300 children from poor families.

Recently attention has been focused on constructing a specialist nutrition department in the hospital in Kilifi, where under-nourished or malnourished children will be treated. Kilifi is about 50 km north of Mombasa.

Many children in this region die as a result of malnutrition or under-nourishment. Time and again it is not only the lack of food, but also the lack of knowledge on the part of the mothers that leads to life-threatening nutritional disorders. These problems mostly occur when children can no longer be breastfed because their mothers are nursing a younger sibling. Hundreds of children therefore die between the ages of three and five.

In addition to providing acute emergency care for under-nourished children, the Malnutrition Station at the children’s hospital educate the mothers. Most of them are very young women, who stay with their children at the hospital. They are taught how to give their children the necessary nutrients and vitamins with the available food.

Once they are discharged, the children are registered in an after-care programme. Carers visit the children and their mothers, even in the outlying villages. The children are examined and weighed and the mothers are given more advice, if necessary. It is hoped that this programme will not only reduce the number of illnesses and deaths, but will also improve nutrition throughout the district in the long term.

Hope for a better future for the people and particularly for the children is the driving forces behind the three projects that come under the name of Kaloleni.

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