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Saigon Children’s Charity

Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam

Working with Others (WWO) – a concept grown from experience

To talk to the poorest and most marginalized people, to strengthen their ideas and initiatives for a better future and to help them find new ways to realize them, is the main goal of the projects in Vietnam. Since 2006 Help Alliance has been working with a Munich-based Captain and supporting initiatives with which he has been closely involved.

In the three years to 2009, 5 kindergartens were built and opened in the Lam Dong Region and over 600 children of day-laborers, most of them from an ethnic minority background, gained access, sometimes for the first time, to school and to an education. After these were taken over by the local government at the end of 2009, the way opened up to consider new initiatives.

In Ho Chi Minh City the possibility arose to become involved with the Working With Others (WWO) program in partnership with Saigon Children’s Charity as it fits perfectly with the goals as well as the workstyle of Help Alliance. Both organisations have many years of experience particularly with educational projects. The WWO program centers upon looking for and funding new approaches in the support and care of children with a disability and aims to give them a chance for a more self-determined life. New ways of cooperation are also pursued, promoting individual initiative, creativity and networking of individuals and groups working in conditions of great poverty and improve their quality of life.

There are also scholarships for children who would not be able to attend school for various reasons. Each child receives individual support within our supporting program which usually includes: adequate nutrition, school clothes, books/writing pads, school bags, bicycles and, if necessary, school fees.

The project focuses on the participation of local society whether by government, the private sector, local NGO’s or individuals, networking is encouraged wherever possible. In addition to the funding, counseling for all stakeholders involved with the project is a crucial part of each new agreement. As each new project is added, the network for an improved common wealth grows and opens up new possibilities to break through the circle of poverty and despair. Already, many employees from Lufthansa have become engaged in this program together with the A-340 Captain, which benefits by being located close to one of our destinations in Vietnam.

Help Alliance, by funding these projects with a comparatively small budget, can help to close the gap, which would otherwise jeopardize the realization of these crucial projects.

In 2010 alone 16 projects have already been realized and a portion of them have ended.

A very impressive example was the implementation of a teaching curriculum for handicapped children at one of the schools that has long cooperated with the Saigon Children’s Charity. This was achieved for little more than 800 Euros due to the favourable results of a pilot project that was being introduced in all of Vietnam within the framework of a government programme. By duplicating the programme nationwide, thousands of handicapped children will benefit from improved teaching methods.

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