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School Project Mali – Commitment for the School in Dioundiourou

Dioungiourou – Mali

The purpose of this project is to assure basic education for the children of three villages and to create adequate prerequisites for the amelioration of their living conditions.

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world. Almost two thirds of the population lives below the poverty line and education is unattainable for most people.

Through a TV report, the Schmitt family’s attention was drawn to the hardship of the population in this country. Hereupon the two employees of Condor and Lufthansa Technik decided they wanted to help. They have now been supporting the elementary school in Dioundiourou in the Dogonland in sub-Saharan Mali for some years. The village population has realized how important education is for the future of their children. They are trying very hard to operate schools in a country where the government cannot offer enough financial support for education. The school committee in Dioundiourou consists of inhabitants from three villages. It is responsible for many tasks: organizing the teachers’ salaries, the caretaking of the school and managing the tuition fees. In especially difficult cases, the committee may decide to sponsor students from extremely poor families.

To pay the teachers’ salaries, every student has to pay around one euro tuition per month – an amount which most families cannot afford.That is where this relief project kicks in: to make education attainable even to poor families and their children, which is an important step towards their future. Mr. and Mrs. Schmitt and friends have offered much support to the village, but a lot of help is still needed. Even small donations at regular intervals have helped to employ new teachers, and lunch is now offered daily to the students. Just one Euro per month and per child is enough to make this big change.The state of Mali is also making efforts to support the school and has made the employment of an additional teacher possible. The goal to have a separate classroom and a separate teacher for each of the six grades is in reach now, as HelpAlliance has just granted the funds for an additional school building.
180 pupils from the three neighboring villages (which can mean up to 5 km of walking to school every day) attend the school in Dioundiourou.

A well bored with the financial support of HelpAlliance provides clean water for the school. Additionally, the well enables trees to be planted (these provide to shade from the hot sun) and the cultivation of a vegetable garden.
The well is  an important contribution to the improvement of daily life for the children and their village.

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