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Electricity for a Rwanda-Hospital

Kigali – Rwanda

The container with the solar energy facility has landed safely in Mombasa and is on its way to Kigali. This was realized by the cooperation of the “Friends of Ruanda e.V.” and HelpAlliance, who supported financially the transport of the facility.


The charity organization “Friends of Rwanda e.V” was founded among others by two Lufthansa employees in January 2006. The Friends of Rwanda’s principal objective is to provide support in various projects, enabling the people of Rwanda, regardless of religion or race, to improve their living conditions.
KABATWA/Nyabihu: The nearest hospital is some 50 km away on poor roads, sometimes impassable in bad weather. It is the only facility providing necessary medical aid for about 50 000 inhabitants who live in an area as big as 400 km2. The facility has already been in operation for about 17 years, however, had been without electricity so far and consequently there was no way of storing refrigerated medication.
A current initiative of the association C.L.C.P Dusugire was to provide electricity for the entire health center using solar energy, thus both saving the costs of the acquisition of one or more generators and subsequently of fuel, and furthermore avoiding air pollution with carbon dioxide.

The installation of the solar power station was started in August 2007 on site by a company named “Die Solarwerkstatt”. The team of skilled workers will train two local workers to enable them to do the maintenance and servicing of the power station, too.
When the project is completed, general running and operation will become the responsibility of a competent local authority and the association C.L.C.P Dusugire.

During an African summer festival organized by the Swabian NGO at Bad Boll, money was collected to cover further running costs of the power station. Not only Rwandan delicacies and music were offered, but also the functioning of the “The solar power project” was explained at an information booth.

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