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Malaika Children’s Home

Arusha – Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world and is constantly plagued by drought, poverty and illness. Many families in their desperation find no other solution than to abandon their children, particularly infants, since they can no longer feed them.

For years, Francesca Aimone and Jutta Kassam, the founders of the orphanage have observed how existing orphanages can no longer offer refuge to additional children due to overcrowding. Numerous newborns are helplessly left behind without parents or family support. Financial demands and serious illnesses like HIV or malaria cause children to be abandoned or entrusted to the care of others.

Any child brought to the orphanage since its founding in 2004 receives not only the good fortune of being alive, but also an education and a loving home. Love, care and children being brought up in their own customary traditions are central to the work of Jutta Kassam and her team. She is supported by local employees and volunteers from different countries.

Meanwhile, 16 children and three permanent caretakers live at the orphanage under the management of Jutta Kassa, the German director. All employees are regularly trained in their respective field of work such as farming and dealing with HIV/AIDS.

In 2010, HelpAlliance supported the orphanage by the project “Solar Power for Malaika.” By installing solar panels on the roof, electricity has been permanently available for lights, kitchen appliances and exterior lighting for safety purposes. Electricity also enables recreational activities; now a small stereo can be operated so the children can enjoy sing-alongs together too.

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