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Chance of Life

Mumbai – India


In 2003, Lufthansa employee Rita Römert-Steinau, founded the Bochum association, “Chance of Life” to change the living conditions of socially disadvantaged girls and women in India due to lack of education. Improved education and training opportunities help to secure jobs and reduce migration to the slums of Mumbai.

The projects the association undertakes include, among others, a kindergarten, a training centre and an educational centre.

In the rural regions of India there is no regular schooling or vocational training particularly for women and girls. Here, the association makes it possible for them to attend centres in Karjat and Shahapur.

The women use the centres for training programmes and child education up until elementary school. Educational opportunities are provided in the areas of computers, cosmetics and sewing.

Furthermore, the educational centre in Shahapur promotes girls and women who have successfully attended the school. They are trained for professional life in information technology and also for office and administrative duties. Alternatively, they have the option to learn handicrafts or manual skills. HelpAlliance has supported in the purchase of the premises.

The association has additional projects such as drilling wells and providing interest free micro-loans to set up businesses as part of their activities.

Photos: Claudia Schütte

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