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Khelaghar – The Playhouse

Calcutta – India

Khelaghar, or The Playhouse, is a registered charitable organization located in a poor rural area on the outskirts of Calcutta. Since 1972, it has been providing a home and unique educational opportunities for children from the most marginalized and vulnerable social groups.

Khelaghar’s children come from situations of severe disadvantage and trauma. Almost all have had a traumatic experience of some kind and do not have the means to seek appropriate alternatives. Khelaghar works to ensure that the children can overcome their circumstance to become valued and active participants in society. At present there are 85 children living at Khelaghar being looked after by several full-time staff members. In addition, there are many who volunteer their time for Khelaghar. Khelaghar’s administrative services are rendered entirely by volunteers.

Khelaghar’s school runs from nursery to Grade 8. The pedagogy of Khelaghar combines curricular education with various types of vocational training. Physical training is also an integral part of the curriculum. Moreover there are approximately 20 acres of cultivable land where the children are taught the basic principles and practices of sustainable farming. Khelaghar also provides financial support for children who graduate from our school and wish to continue their education.




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