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CCCP Paulo da Portela

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil


Oswaldo Cruz is located in the north of Rio de Janeiro and is a lower class residential area surrounded by favelas (slums) with a meagre supply of jobs. Training centres are almost non-existent which makes it more difficult for adolescents and school graduates to receive appropriate professional or vocational training and to escape the cycle of poverty.

The community vocational training centre, CCCP Paulo da Portela (Centro Comunitário de Capacitação Profissional) was founded in 1998 and seeks to provide children and adolescents from low-income families of the Oswaldo Cruz district and neighbouring suburbs of Rio de Janeiro with a cost-effective way to receive training, continuing education and advanced training as well as teach the basics for the university entrance exam.

Courses recognised by the Brazilian state are offered for different professions and cover practical and theoretical vocational preparation. These courses include, for example, language, sewing and cosmetic courses. The courses are extracurricular and also serve as vocational preparation.

Additionally, the centre offers a one year preparatory course for the entrance exam at Brazilian universities. Due to the inadequate education at public schools, children from socially disadvantaged families have limited possibilities of attending university.

For the professional future of the children in the area and the students at the centre, the computer science course is also extremely important. The district’s poor families do not have the financial means to give their children access to modern computers and schools do not have equipment of this sort. With the absence of suitable classrooms and a lack of funds to purchase computers, this course could not be offered until now.

With financial support from HelpAlliance, urgently needed renovations will be carried out and with the purchase of computers the computer science course will begin in the near future.


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